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Australia to the UK, a journey of restoration


Our 1974 Range Rover 2 door was discovered at Land Rover Heaven in Goulburn Australia.  On a visit to see Dave and Janelle D'Arcy we decided to import three cars from them to the UK.  The Bahama Gold Range Rover was an icon from the start of Range Rover so we decided to fully restore it at ACHSV in Silverstone. The restoration took over 2 years as it was very difficult to find some of the parts. Some parts had to be specially made as they no longer exist.  The end result is simply outstanding. We'd like to thank David at ACH - it is truly a work of art.

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The 1974 Range Rover Classic stands as a pioneering luxury SUV that redefined the automotive landscape. Introduced as the first-generation Range Rover, this iconic vehicle blended the comfort and refinement of a high-end saloon with the unparalleled off-road capabilities of a Land Rover. The Classic featured a distinctive boxy design, combining straight lines with elegant touches, creating a timeless look that continues to influence modern SUV aesthetics. Equipped with a powerful 3.5-litre V8 engine, the Range Rover Classic delivered impressive performance on and off the road. Its innovative four-wheel-drive system and advanced suspension allowed for smooth rides both on the highway and challenging terrain, making it a favourite among adventurers and urban drivers alike.


The Range Rover Classic quickly gained popularity, becoming a symbol of luxury, prestige, and adventure. It was the first SUV to boast a full-time four-wheel-drive system, setting new standards for off-road prowess in the luxury segment. The vehicle's premium interior featured high-quality materials, comfortable seating, and ample space, providing an unparalleled driving experience. Its success extended to various industries, including film and fashion, where the Range Rover Classic became an aspirational icon. Over the years, Land Rover's commitment to innovation and refinement further enhanced the Range Rover line, maintaining its status as a luxury SUV benchmark, with the Classic serving as the trailblazer that started it all.

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Code Name Velar


During its development, Land Rover used the code name "Velar" to keep the Range Rover project under wraps. The name "Velar" was later revived and used for the Range Rover Velar model introduced in 2017. 

CS ACH Range Rover_075.jpg

Range Rover Debut


The Range Rover Classic made its debut in 1970 as a two-door model, and it wasn't until 1981 that the four-door version was introduced to meet growing demand.

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Royal Connection


The Range Rover Classic quickly gained popularity among the British royal family, and Queen Elizabeth II was among the early adopters of this luxurious SUV.

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Design Permanence


The Range Rover Classic's iconic boxy design remained virtually unchanged for over two decades, with only minor cosmetic updates, highlighting its timeless and enduring appeal.

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