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6x6 Fire Engine

A fully operational Defender 6x6 fire engine 


This Land Rover 6x6 Defender fire engine is very rare - there are only a handful in the world left operating. This one was based at Jaguar Land Rover's test track at Gaydon, Warwickshire and was their Company Fire Appliance up to 2016.  It was built in 1998 and left the production line as a five door station wagon on the standard wheelbase. The conversion was carried out by JLR Special Vehicles and GB Fire.

It was purchased from Land Rover Classic in Coventry in 2017 and then extensively refurbished by ACHSV - new paintwork and a brand new pump from Godiva.

This vehicle is the DCS Group fire appliance in Banbury and is absolutely fantastic!


The 1998 Defender Fire Engine 6x6 represents a unique and specialized variant of the legendary Land Rover Defender, customized for firefighting duties. With a rare 6x6 configuration, this fire engine was engineered to navigate challenging terrains and reach remote locations often inaccessible to traditional fire vehicles. Powered by a reliable and powerful engine, the Defender Fire Engine 6x6 was equipped to carry essential firefighting equipment, water tanks, and hoses, enabling it to combat wildfires and other emergencies effectively. Its versatile setup allowed it to serve as a rapid response vehicle, capable of reaching the scene of an incident quickly and providing critical support to firefighting teams in their efforts to protect lives and property.

Introduced in 1998, the Land Rover Defender Fire Engine 6x6 showcased Land Rover's commitment to providing custom solutions for specific industry needs. This firefighting variant retained the Defender's robust and utilitarian design, adapted to fulfil its new role in emergency response. The 6x6 configuration, with an additional rear axle, significantly improved off-road capability and payload capacity, essential for fire suppression in challenging and remote environments. The Defender Fire Engine 6x6 became a valuable asset for fire departments and emergency services, particularly in rural and wildland firefighting scenarios. Its reliable performance and adaptability to varying conditions made it a sought-after vehicle among firefighting professionals, emphasizing Land Rover's ability to provide tailored solutions to meet critical operational requirements.


Specialist Manufacturer


The 1998 Defender Fire Engine 6x6 was typically customized by specialist firefighting equipment manufacturers in collaboration with Land Rover, ensuring it met the stringent requirements of firefighting organizations.


Global Adoption


The 6x6 fire engine variant was adopted by firefighting agencies worldwide, particularly in regions where access to remote areas was essential for fire suppression efforts. 


Wildland Firefighting


The Defender Fire Engine 6x6's off-road capabilities made it particularly effective in wildland firefighting scenarios, where conventional fire engines might struggle to reach the fire line.


Durable and Dependable


The Land Rover Defender's reputation for durability and reliability translated seamlessly to its firefighting applications, earning it trust and confidence of firefighting personnel. 

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