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70 years of innovation


The 1991 Land Rover V8 Defender represents the pinnacle of Land Rover's off-road prowess combined with the power and refinement of a V8 engine. As part of the iconic Defender series, the 1991 V8 variant was a true embodiment of ruggedness and durability, designed to conquer the toughest terrains on the planet. The heart of the V8 Defender was the formidable 3.9-litre V8 engine, known for its robust performance and torque delivery. This powerhouse, paired with a permanent four-wheel-drive system and a sturdy chassis, allowed the Defender to tackle challenging landscapes with ease, making it a favourite among adventurers and explorers. Whether traversing muddy trails, climbing steep slopes, or fording rivers, the V8 Defender stood as a reliable companion for any off-road expedition.


Introduced in 1991, the Land Rover V8 Defender quickly garnered a loyal following worldwide, becoming a symbol of adventure and exploration. Its military-inspired design exuded a sense of rugged elegance, with purposeful lines and an aura of strength. The Defender's practical and utilitarian interior emphasized functionality, offering ample space for passengers and cargo alike.


Despite its focus on off-road capabilities, Land Rover ensured that the V8 Defender maintained a level of comfort and convenience for everyday driving. Over the years, this model gained recognition for its reliability and versatility, earning a special place in the hearts of Land Rover enthusiasts and collectors. Even as the automotive landscape evolved, the 1991 V8 Defender continues to be celebrated for its timeless design, legendary performance, and indomitable spirit.


V8 Engine Evolution


The 1991 V8 Defender was part of Land Rover's transition from the older 3.5-litre V8 engine to the more powerful and refined 3.9-litre V8, offering improved performance and efficiency.


North American Market


In 1993, Land Rover introduced the North American Specification (NAS) Defender 110, allowing the V8 Defender to be officially sold in the United States.




Many expedition companies and travellers chose the V8 Defender for transcontinental journeys, attesting to its reliability and capability in extreme conditions.


Last of Its Kind


The 1991 V8 Defender represents the final year of the Defender's first-generation production, adding to its significance as a vintage and collectable Land Rover model.

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