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The story of the Last Land Rover.


When it came to choosing what my last Defender would be I came up with the idea that it should be a Heritage model and look like HUE166.  With my ownership of HUE222 as well - it would create "bookends" - the first and the last Land Rover in private ownership.  So, in March 2015, I met with Special Vehicles Operations (SV) and we came up with a plan.  We would take one of the last 400 Heritage 90s and make it into a soft top.  We added some extra features to make it look authentic to the Series 1. This car was registered in December 2015 and what makes it very special - it is the only Heritage model copy of the "Last Production Defender” that was made on the line at Solihull. (The last Defender owned by Land Rover is not actually a Heritage - it is a model made for Cyprus.)


The Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition was introduced in 2015 to commemorate the iconic Defender's long history and its final year of production in its traditional form. The Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition paid tribute to the original Land Rover Series vehicles and featured unique design elements inspired by its historic predecessors. This special edition was offered in both the Defender 90 (short-wheelbase) and Defender 110 (long-wheelbase) configurations.

The Heritage Edition was characterized by its Grasmere Green paintwork, contrasting with an Alaska White roof, and was adorned with heritage-style graphics. The retro-inspired design extended to the interior, where the seats were trimmed in Almond Cloth with Ebony Vinyl, recalling the utilitarian yet classic styling of early Land Rovers. The Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition celebrated the Defender's timeless design and its immense contribution to automotive history, making it a sought-after and collectable edition among Land Rover enthusiasts.


Tribute to Heritage


The Land Rover Defender Heritage Edition was introduced in 2015 as a special tribute to the rich heritage and historical significance of the iconic Land Rover Defender.


Nostalgic Interior


Inside the Defender Heritage Edition, the seats were adorned with Almond Cloth and Ebony Vinyl, evoking a sense of nostalgia for the early Land Rovers' utilitarian yet comfortable interiors.


Distinctive Design


This limited-run edition showcased a unique design, with Grasmere Green paintwork and an Alaska White roof, reminiscent of the classic Land Rover models from the past. 


Collector's Item


As the final year of production for the traditional Defender, the Heritage Edition became a highly sought-after and collectable model among Land Rover enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. 

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