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2015 Defender 90 Landmark


The Landmark Special Edition was one of the last Defender Special Editions that Land Rover made. It was a modern look for Defender with grey and black paintwork. Inside the vehicles, there are high-end features with black leather and black gloss on the dashboard. The headlining is soft black alcantara. This vehicle is partnered with an identical Landmark Edition Defender 110 in the collection. Both vehicles underwent additional work with David Atkinson at ACH Classic. He added a Frontrunner roof rack and roof-mounted lights on the front and rear. We also fitted a new bumper with driving lights and a Warn winch. This really is one of the best!


The 2015 Defender 90 Landmark is a special edition variant of the iconic Land Rover Defender, commemorating the Defender's enduring legacy and celebrating its legendary status. With the "Landmark" designation, this edition added exclusive features and styling elements that set it apart from standard models. The Defender 90 Landmark retained the classic and timeless design of the Defender, featuring the distinctive boxy silhouette, rugged construction, and signature front grille. Powered by a range of capable engines, the Defender 90 Landmark offered a blend of performance and off-road prowess, making it an excellent choice for adventurers and enthusiasts seeking a vehicle with true go-anywhere capabilities.

Introduced in 2015, the Land Rover Defender 90 Landmark captured the hearts of Land Rover fans and collectors with its unique and limited-edition offerings. The Landmark edition added premium touches to the interior, showcasing fine materials and special design details. This enhanced interior featured a balance of refinement and durability, elevating the driving experience while maintaining the Defender's practicality. The Landmark edition also sported distinctive exterior styling elements, such as exclusive paint colours, unique badging, and alloy wheels, enhancing its visual appeal. With a limited production run, the 2015 Defender 90 Landmark became a sought-after model among Land Rover enthusiasts and collectors, marking a tribute to the Defender's remarkable history and continued legacy.


Limited Edition Exclusivity


The 2015 Defender 90 Landmark was produced in limited numbers, adding to its exclusivity and collectable status among Land Rover enthusiasts.


Celebrating Heritage


The Landmark edition was created as a tribute to the Defender's rich heritage and its role as a cultural icon, commemorating its significance in the automotive world.


Distinctive Styling


The Landmark edition's unique exterior styling elements and interior refinements showcased Land Rover's commitment to providing special and premium offerings for its dedicated fanbase.


Historical Significance


As one of the final model years of the classic Defender generation, the 2015 Land Rover Defender 90 Landmark holds historical significance in the Defender's timeline.

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