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2015 Defender 90 Ruby


The 2015 Defender 90 embodies the timeless spirit of the Land Rover Defender in its purest form. As part of the last generation of Defenders before the temporary hiatus in production, the Defender 90 remained true to its iconic design and legendary off-road capabilities. Its compact size, characterized by the "90" designation, made it a nimble and agile off-road machine, adept at conquering tight trails and urban environments alike. The Defender 90 was powered by a range of reliable and efficient engines, complementing its rugged character with adequate power and torque for off-road adventures. This two-door variant retained the Defender's classic boxy silhouette and the go-anywhere attitude that has made it an enduring favourite among off-road enthusiasts and adventurers.


Introduced in 2015, the Land Rover Defender 90 continued to capture the hearts of automotive enthusiasts, collectors, and outdoor adventurers. Its simplistic yet functional interior emphasized durability and practicality, reflecting the Defender's roots as a utilitarian workhorse. The Defender 90 offered seating for four occupants, providing a close-knit and engaging driving experience.


While its design harkened back to the original Series models, the 2015 Defender 90 featured modern enhancements, such as updated suspension and advanced four-wheel-drive systems, ensuring it remained relevant in contemporary off-road conditions. With its unmistakable character and reputation for tackling the toughest terrains, the Defender 90 embodied the essence of adventure and exploration, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts of Land Rover enthusiasts worldwide.


Limited Editions


In 2015, Land Rover released several limited-edition versions of the Defender 90, celebrating its heritage and marking the end of its production before the model's temporary hiatus.


Collectable Status


The 2015 Defender 90 quickly gained collectable status among Land Rover enthusiasts and classic car collectors, leading to increased demand and interest in this final generation.


Pop Culture Appearances


The Defender 90 made appearances in numerous films, TV shows, and advertisements, further solidifying its status as a pop culture icon with a global fanbase. 


Resurgence of the Defender


Following the temporary hiatus, Land Rover eventually reintroduced the Defender model in subsequent years, building on the heritage of the original Defender while incorporating modern advancements.

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