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The legendary Defender RWMIK+ 


The UK Special Forces were famous for creating Land Rovers that could carry weapons - they started in 1968 with the Pink Panther.  Fast forward to today and this Land Rover RWMIK+ is still in service but is being replaced by MWMIK Jackal. (WMIK stands for Weapons Mounted Instalation Kit and the R is for R-lifed. It was used by the Parachute Regiment and served in Afghanistan - its number plate was 33 KK 00. The vehicle was built in 2010 by Ricardo and is 4.7 tons Gross Vehicle Weight. At the back it can carry a .50 cal L111A1 heavy machine gun (replica shown) and a 7.62mm L7A2 GPMG (general purpose machine gun) at the front.


This Land Rover Defender is called an RWMIK+ - it is the most advanced version of the Defender Weapons Platform and is still in service today. Ours was last in service in Afghanistan with the Parachute Regiment. It was purchased at Brightwells at auction when a batch of these were sold.  Shortly afterwards the British Government donated over 100 RWMIK+ vechicles to the Lebanon.


Manufactured by Ricardo Engineering in the UK, the RWMIK+ has a top speed of 80 KPH anmd with a crew of three has the capability to support itself over 800 km. It is air transportable and can be moved by transport aircraft or by heavy lift helicopter. It is the same basic concept used by the famous SAS and Long Range Desert Group since the Second World War.   


Gross Weight        4760kg

Unladen Weight    3516kg

Fuel                         Diesel

Engine                    Land Rover 2.8lt 300 TDI

Transmission       ZF 4HP 220 automatic

Drive                      4 wheel drive

Suspension          Coil Sprung, Shock Absorber

Protection             Kinetic Energy & Blast Mine


British Military Adoption


The RWMIK+ Defender was initially developed for the British Army, but its reputation and capabilities led to its adoption by other military forces worldwide.



The RWMIK+ variant could be equipped with various weapons, including heavy machine guns, automatic grenade launchers, and anti-tank guided missiles, significantly enhancing its combat effectiveness.


High Mobility


The lightweight design and powerful engine allowed the RWMIK+ Defender to achieve impressive speeds both on and off-road, supporting rapid deployment and response capabilities.


Land Rover's Legacy


The RWMIK+ Defender continued the Land Rover tradition of serving military forces, carrying on the brand's history of providing reliable and adaptable vehicles to support defence missions.

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